Röhm is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies with more than 60 years of experience in safe and reliable hydrogen cyanide operations and is a technology leader for two major HCN process technologies; the Andrussow and the BMA process. Röhm operates several plants at different sites and has extensive operational know-how in addition to technological expertise. The Andrussow process has been continuously optimized since the first plant went on stream in the 1950s. In the past, Röhm has registered various patents for the hydrogen cyanide production process, including the latest developments like the oxygen enrichment. Röhm has already successfully granted several licenses for the Andrussow process to renowned companies world-wide.

High safety standards

Röhm considers the safety, health and security of the public, its employees, contractors, customers and the environment to be of primary importance in the conduct of its business.

Röhm has more than 60 years of operational experience in safe and reliable HCN production. Röhm has developed and optimized operational processes for a safe production environment. The production facilities of Röhm operate at highest safety standards within the HCN production community.

Röhm annually participates in the “HCN Industry Safety Conference” and shares its experience within the HCN community.

Transferring Röhm's experience and safety concepts to the licensee's plant layout and training the licensee's operators (at Röhm's sites as well as at the licensed plant), enables the licensee to operate at most possible safe conditions. Röhm's support all along the license project and the participation in the hazard study guarantees that Röhm's experience and high safety standards will be considered in the licensees plant set-up.

Plant performance & operational excellence

Operating the Andrussow technology optimized by Röhm and using the expertise of Röhm's HCN license team will enable the licensee to run its plant at high performance rates right from the start. This increases the economical value of the licensees project.

Röhm offers its extensive HCN know-how to the customer; not only a technology package.

Röhm has granted several licenses to renowned companies world-wide and has a high expertise in license project management.

The support along the plant lifecycle and the continuous contact to HCN experts of Röhm's global operations team will enable the licensee to run the plant at high utilization rates and minimize down-times and the need for troubleshooting.

Tailor-made technology solutions

Röhm offers tailor-made solutions for on-purpose HCN production processes:

  • Gaseous hydrogen cyanide to purified liquid HCN (> 99,5%)
  • Elevated and low-pressure process
  • Oxygen enrichment technology