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Apr 03, 2024

MERACRYL® production plant Wesseling is operating based on 100% green energy from an offshore wind park

Röhm’s business unit Methacrylate Monomers implemented the transition towards 100% green electricity supply from an offshore wind park in its production plant Wesseling in Germany.


Jan 19, 2024

New Year 2024 European market update from our Head of Sales

We are looking forward to work with you during this exciting year 2024.


Oct 09, 2023

Thank you for joining us at the EPCA

A heartfelt gratitude to all of you who joined us at EPCA 2023, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to connect with you, to have insightful discussions and productive me


Jan 19, 2023

Röhm increases run rates at its European plants in Worms and Wesseling

We thank our loyal customers for their support during the turbulent times in 2022. Now, after months of much reduced production and an extended turnaround in Worms, Röhm has increased its production to accommodate the demand going into 2023.


Jan 11, 2023

Gold for Röhm in EcoVadis rating

Röhm awarded Gold in the EcoVadis rating 2022, which means that the company has repeatedly demonstrated its responsibility in the categories of environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement since its participation in 2020.


Dec 02, 2022

Röhm interview regarding the European MMA and Base Monomer production and supply during winter 2022/2023 and thereafter

Questions to the Head of Bulk Monomers at Röhm regarding the production and supply of Methacrylate Monomers during the winter 2022/2023 and Röhm’s objectives as a European producer of MMA.


Sep 27, 2022

EPCA 2022 and update methacrylates business

Our article this month provides a brief update of the methacrylates business for October 2022.


Jul 13, 2022

Meet Biacryl - The lowest CO2 emissions in the chemical industry

“The earth’s resources are finite.” Read on to learn what Biacryl pro-actively implemented to protect our finite resources. We had the chance to talk to owner, Bernward Bielawski from CMC Biacryl SA, a specialized manufacturer of oversize acrylic sheets in Switzerland.


May 09, 2022


This time we report from our production site in Worms, Germany. Besides facts about our second plant in Germany, you will also get to know Dennis, a Supply Chain Manager at the site.


Dec 08, 2021

MERACRYL® around the world Website in Chinese

Chinese is now available on our website, in addition to the website.


Oct 07, 2021

Price increase for all MERACRYL® methacrylate products due to raw material price surge

Röhm GmbH announces a price increase for MERACRYL® MMA (methyl methacrylate) and other methacrylate monomer products in Europe with immediate effect.


Sep 28, 2021

RÖHM ON SITE - WORMS, GERMANY: Planned turnaround

The site fully stopped production for an extended time in order to ensure the highest compliance standards and be the most reliable partner for its customers, now and in the future.


Jul 08, 2021

Boosting demand for MERACRYL® GMAA

Methacrylic acid is seeing a significant upswing in the market and production can barely keep up with the high order income.


May 18, 2021


This time we report from our production facility in Shanghai.


May 04, 2021

Update Methacrylates Business: May 2021

Our article this month provides a brief update of the methacrylates business in May 2021.


Mar 15, 2021

Quality matters

High quality and consistency is the top priority for Röhm in a global market to fulfill the requirements of our customers.


Mar 09, 2021


This time we report from our production facility in Wesseling. In the article you will find interesting facts about the production site and a small field report from Thea, Assistant Plant Manager.


Feb 04, 2021

Update Methacrylates Business: February 2021

Our article this month provides a brief update of the methacrylates business in February 2021.


Dec 11, 2020

MERACRYL® GMAA Market Update December

While the Methacrylic Acid (GMAA) market has seen a price normalization throughout 2019 and a dip after the Covid-19 breakout, the market has lately turned tight in all major regions.


Nov 27, 2020


Röhm has been awarded the EcoVadis Silver label. For customers and suppliers in Europe, the EcoVadis rating is the key indicator when it comes to sustainability and a prerequisite for their purchasing and sales decisions.


Nov 25, 2020

MERACRYL® MMA Market Update November

The MMA market has seen a shift in global dynamics since summer this year with MMA prices firming after the price normalization since early 2019 and the strong impact of the Corona lockdown in several countries in Q2.


Oct 13, 2020

MERACRYL® MMA Market Update October

Röhm is passionate about delivering added value to it's customers and business partners. Since summer this year, the MMA market sees a shift in global dynamics with MMA prices firming after the price normalization that had been ongoing since early 2019.


Aug 28, 2020

HPMA story: "Just like the conductor of an orchestra"

In our first article on the new MERACRYL® blog, we are introducing you to a Röhm employee and the MERACRYL® Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA) product. What are the daily tasks to coordinate Röhm's global business? What product applications can HPMA used for? And how does digitalization help us to continuously optimize?


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