MERACRYL® MAAMIDE can be used as a polar co-monomer with a high Tg for improving solvent resistance and cohesion. For specific applications, methacrylamide can be grafted onto natural fibers (e.g. silk weighting).

CAS name Methacrylamide
CAS number 79-39-0
Molecular formula C4H7NO
Product groups Methacrylamides
REACH registration status registered
Synonyms 2-methyl-2-Propenamide
2-Methylpropenoic acid amide
Molecular weight 85.1 g/mol
Delivery form MERACRYL® MAAmide is available in 25 kg sacks and Big bags.
Shelf life In the unopened container MERACRYL® MAAmide has a shelf life of 3 months from date of delivery.
Main Applications Textile coatings, plastics
SDS Information Before considering the use of MERACRYL® products please read its Safety Data sheet (SDS) thoroughly for safety and toxicological data as well as for information on proper transportation, storage and use. The Safety Data Sheet is available upon request from your local representative or customer service.
Description MERACRYL® MAAmide is a colorless, solid, crystalline with very high Tg. It is a special monomer for thermosetting paints and self-crosslinking emulsions.

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