Methacrylate monomers are used in the production and modification of a wide variety of polymers – mainly in cast sheet, methacrylate molding compounds and graft copolymers as impact modifiers for thermoplastics.

Further application fields include artificial marble, PVC modifiers and PVC plastisols. Molding compounds based on unsaturated polyester resins may also contain multifunctional methacrylates as crosslinking agents.

In addition, methacrylates are used as comonomers to improve the performance of polymers in extrusion coating applications. Typical end-use applications, here, include liquid carton packaging, photographic paper, flexible and commercial packaging (e.g. coffee pouches).

Acrylic sheet & molding compounds

PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) stands out from other plastics due to its high light transmission, extremely long service life, and specific properties such as high resistance to UV light and weathering – as well as unlimited coloring options. In addition, PMMA shows the greatest surface hardness of all thermoplastics. It can be fabricated by means of all thermoforming methods, and therefore offers huge creative scope. Another major benefit is that PMMA is 100% recyclable, which makes an essential contribution to conserving natural resources.

PMMA molding compounds are mainly used in the car industry for the production of headlamps, taillights and transparent panes for dashboards as well as household appliances, optical media (DVDs, lenses) and electronics.

PMMA solid sheet is used mainly for illuminated advertising applications and shop interior displays. PMMA sanitary ware is suitable for the production of bathtubs and shower trays. MERACRYL® MMA is the principal monomer used for acrylic plastic casting.

Artificial marble

The term 'artificial marble' commonly refers to synthetic materials that mimic the texture of natural stone by compounding natural stone powder and/or minerals with resin components (such as acrylics, unsaturated polyesters, epoxies and the like) or cement, and adding various pigments and additives. Artificial marbles based on methacrylates are widely used as materials for kitchen countertops, wash basins, dressing tables, bathtubs, tabletops, walls, interior fixtures, etc. They combine outstanding aesthetics and high-end texture with excellent durability. MERACRYL® MMA is the most widely used monomer in this application field.

PVC modifiers

Processing aids (PAs) based on acrylic copolymers have long been known in the PVC industry to control polymer fusion and melt rheology, increase melt elasticity and, in some cases, improve metal release. As a consequence of their high compatibility with PVC and high molecular weight, they mesh with PVC for improved melt properties. Most commercial processing aids are copolymers of MERACRYL® MMA and MERACRYL® n-BMA, with MMA as the major component. Their efficiency is controlled by adjusting molecular weight and glass transition temperature. PAs are used mainly for PVC building applications, such as window frames, panels, siding, fences, sign boards, roofing sheets, pipes, fittings, injection-molded parts and foamed products.