MERACRYL® around the world Website in Chinese

Chinese is now available on our website, in addition to the website.

No longer do you have to read about MERACRYLTM  information in English!  We are absolutely thrilled to be closer to our customers and their markets by providing all relevant global news and product information on the website in Simplified Chinese.

What can be found now in Chinese?

  • MERACRYLTM blog with up to date market information and press releases
  • Service and Help including contact us
  • Product information and industry overviews
  • Licensing overview and request forms

“The website is the ideal way to make sure we share all the latest news, market insights, and product updates quickly and easily. By having a Chinese version of the website, we can make sure we answer questions, and focus on news and stories relevant to the Chinese markets.” --- Davie Zheng, Regional Head of Bulk Monomers / General Manager Asia,  Bulk Monomers

We look forward to supporting you further with your digital needs and are open to ideas and suggestions you would like to see implemented online.

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