This time we report from our production facility in Wesseling. In the article you will find interesting facts about the production site and a small field report from Thea, Assistant Plant Manager.

With four production plants and around 320 employees, the Röhm Wesseling site is the second largest employer in the 33-hectare chemical park in Wesseling. The plants on site are strongly connected with each other, which has great advantages for all envolved business units. MERACRYL® Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is the main product of the Methacrylate Verbund. It is an important raw material for paints and adhesives, but also for the production of acrylic glass. In addition to MMA, other MERACRYL® methacrylate monomers are produced in Wesseling that are used, for example, in heat seal adhesives. Cyanides are produced in the production facilities of CyPlus GmbH. These are used, among other things, in precious metal extraction, chemical-pharmaceutical intermediates and in surface treatment.

"I enjoy walking to work at the Wesseling plant at sunrise along the banks of the river Rhine if possible. At the Wesseling plant, Röhm produces methacrylates and all the plants are closely interlinked. I am enrolled in a special training program for chemists and engineers who are in the early stages of their careers. While in this program, I am preparing to take on management tasks in production and technology. I like the open and friendly nature of the Rhinelanders as well as their sense of humor - which helps when I want to make the digital shift book palatable to the production employees." - Thea, Assistant Plant Manager

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