With MERACRYL® proTerra MMA, Röhm has developed a resource-saving alternative to their long-established product methyl methacrylate sourcing sustainable raw materials while keeping the same specifications, constant quality and reliable processes.

Products and services by Röhm, with the proTerra brand addition, make a contribution to reducing the CO₂ footprint and to save resources such as raw materials, energy or water.

proTerra MMA
Benefits + ISCC-PLUS certified
+ 30% sustainable raw materials
+ 25% reduced CO2 footprint
CAS name Methyl methacrylate
(ISCC PLUS certified)
CAS number 80-62-6
Molecular formula C5H8O2
REACH registration status registered
Synonyms Synonyms Methacrylic acid methyl ester
Methyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate
Molecular weight 100.1 g/mol
Delivery form MERACRYL® proTerra MMA is available in Bulk, IBC and drums.
Shelf life In the unopened container standard stabilized MERACRYL® proTerra MMA has a shelf life of 6 months from date of delivery.
Main Applications Coatings, Plastics, reactive resins
SDS Information Before considering the use of MERACRYL® products please read its Safety Data sheet (SDS) thoroughly for safety and toxicological data as well as for information on proper transportation, storage and use. The Safety Data Sheet is available upon request from your local representative or customer service.
Description MERACRYL® proTerra MMA is used as building blocks in a wide range of applications. It provides very good exterior durability and color stability.It has a glass Tg of 105 °C, and is used wherever hardness and thermo-mechanical stability is needed.

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