Support all along the plant lifecycle

A safe, reliable and economical operation of every license plant, right from the start, is one of the main benefits for Röhm's HCN license customers. Röhm supports the licensee from the first inquiry until the final Start-Up. After the licenses agreement is signed, a Process-Design-Package will be provided to the licensee. The PDP is the basis for the license project phases like Basic & Detail Engineering and Construction. During Commissioning and the final Start-Up a team of HCN-technology experts of Röhm will be present at the licensees site.

After the successful Start-Up and Test-Run to verify the defined process guarantees, Evonik Industries is pleased to provide further services along the plant lifecycle.

Step 1: Tailor-made proposal & agreement

Röhm identifies customer needs and provides:

  • Look-in Package
  • Cost Estimation
  • License Agreement

Step 2: Process Design Package

Röhm provides:

  • Process Flow Diagramms (PFDs) and Process Data Sheets
  • Utility Consumption- and Equipment Lists
  • Preliminary Trip Schedule and Logic Diagram

Step 3: Basic Engineering

Röhm supports:

  • Hazard Study
  • Review of Engineering Documents
  • Know-how Transfer

Step 4: Detail Engineering

Röhm supports:

  • 3D / MSR Review
  • Review of Engineering Documents
  • Operator

Step 5: Construction

Röhm supports:

• Quality assurance for key equipment
• Site erection review
• Technical advise

Step 6: Start-up

Röhm assists:

  • Start-Up / Commissioning
  • Operator Training on site
  • Process Guarantee Test Run

Step 7: Operation

Röhm provides:

  • Operational Excellence Consultancy
  • Trouble Shooting

Access to leading HCN technology

The Andrussow process is the leading on-purpose process for the production of Hydrogen Cyanide and accounts for more than 50% of the globally installed HCN capacity