HPMA story: "Just like the conductor of an orchestra"

In our first article on the new MERACRYL® blog, we are introducing you to a Röhm employee and the MERACRYL® Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA) product. What are the daily tasks to coordinate Röhm's global business? What product applications can HPMA used for? And how does digitalization help us to continuously optimize?

A women holding up a blackboard with a chemical formula Job description of a Product Manager HPMA

“Resourceful planning and close coordination allow leeway for the unexpected.”

Stefanie, Product Manager Röhm Bulk Monomers, HQ Darmstadt

No day is like the other in Stefanie’s day to day. She deals with lots of data, adjusts to the unpredictable events of the daily business, but still manages to monitor the deliveries to our customers. Just like the conductor of an orchestra never loses sight of the musicians and instruments, as a product manager she maintains an overview of the products in the Röhm Bulk Monomers Division worldwide.

The valued, customer-oriented service of Röhm requires smart coordination of planning within the global ‘Verbund’ structure and a close exchange with colleagues from Sales, Customer Service, Production Planning and Logistics. Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, Stefanie benefits from the modern digital collaboration tools of Röhm.

In her function as product manager she has to keep many aspects in tune: Which production volumes are available? Do they meet the need? What’s the best way of balancing supply and demand? In case of changes in customer order patterns or supply chain interruptions, Stefanie comes up with alternative solutions. Thus, resourceful planning and close coordination allows leeway for the unexpected.  

One of the products Stefanie deals with at Röhm Bulk Monomers is MERACRYL® Hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA). The product is produced at different sites and sold worldwide. In fact, MERACRYL® HPMA is part of various formulations within the adhesives industry and moreover you will find it in automotive coatings and the field of metal impregnation.

One example for the application of hydroxyesters such as MERACRYL® HPMA are chemical anchors. Chemical anchors are used to fix heavy items to concrete surfaces, like rails or mechanical equipment.

Furthermore, Röhm’s Hydroxyester MERACRYL® HPMA is used for the topcoat of automotive coatings, providing not only hardness but more importantly weather and scratch resistance as well as chemical resistance.

“Beside such classic applications, the demand is continuously rising for other attractive market segments.”, says Stefanie. “It’s nice knowing that HPMA is incorporated into such useful and sustainable products as rotors for wind turbines and is reducing waste in the field of metal impregnation.”

Röhm works continuously on the optimization and digitization of internal processes in order to guarantee our customers worldwide availability of products and the best service. You can find current information on our MERACRYL® products here. An overview of our online services can be found here.

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